"Ask and You Shall Receive"

Fumi 24mg nicotine e juice flavors Fumi E-juice announces the launch of their new Nicotine options:

3mg (All Flavors), 16mg (All Flavors) and 24mg (Select Flavors Only).

Message From the Fumi X New Product Development Team:

More than ever, Smoke Shop establishments are trying to compete with the variation of liquids provided in the Vape Shop arena. The 3mg nicotine option is specifically tailored to MOD/Dripper enthusiasts who avoid the harshness of higher nicotine blends. Hundreds of smoke shop owners have requested a 3mg Fumi E-juice product and we have complied with their requests.

 It also seems evident that a 16mg option (for all flavors) and a 24mg nicotine solution in (select popular flavors) will do well in a market of growing Tank/Clearomizer vapors who are looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco. The 16mg and 24mg levels compliment our current 20mg solution in an effort to ensure complete nicotine satisfaction for the beginner who wants the peace of mind of higher nicotine doses.

QualityPerformance and Value

 Until now, Fumi E-juice has never provided a 3mg, 16mg, or 24mg nicotine option to the public. As a company, we believe that it is important to continue our dedication to QualityPerformance and Value by making these variations of our e-juice for our loyal customer base across the globe. This is why we called this initiative the "Ask and you Shall Receive" objective because there is nothing more important than the desires of our customers and business partners. We're in business solely because our customers believe in us. So we will continue to produce products inspired by the masses because we Believe in them.
You can find these flavors below in the nicotine variations indicated at a RETAILER near you or here on our WEBSITE.
3MG & 16MG