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Fumi E Juice at chevron anderson caOn July 22nd, 2014 TJ and his wife Raj were approached by Juriz and Joe from Fumi E-juice. The business proposition was simple. TRY A FUMI E-JUICE DISPLAY for 1 week on consignment terms and decide after the 1 week whether or not FUMI is the right brand for you. TJ and RAJ owned a Chevron Gas station in Anderson, Ca. at the time. They opted to try the Fumigo Xpress Display due to the no risk opportunity. This entry level display holds ten starter kits with e-juice included and 96 bottles of refill bottles. (16 Flavors with 4 levels of nicotine to choose from.)

In just a few weeks, TJ was ready to order refill bottles to replace the empty slots in his new Fumigo Xpress display. He also found that the Fumigo Xpress Starter kits were fast sellers in a convenience store setting. It seems beginner vapers are looking for an e-juice + vaporizer package that allows them to switch out the ejuice bottle for a flavor of their choice at the point of sale. TJ had to stock up quickly to keep up with the strong demand for his new FUMI business.

e liquid charger vaporizer starter kits displaysTJ realized that there was a business trend in the making. He now knew that there was a need for a more specialized Smoke/Vape shop in his city that catered to the growing demand for affordable, high-quality vape products and smoking paraphernalia. By November of 2014, TJ and his wife launched Tobacco N Vapez; a one stop shop that could cater to the rise of the Vaping phenomenon in TJ's back yard.

The gamble has paid off quite well for TJ. He now provides over 80 flavors of Fumi E-juice in Plastic and Glass dripper bottles, at 0, 3, 6, 12, 16, 20, and 24mg variations. He also carries several other brands of E-juice but claims that FUMI is his best seller by far. It is going so well that TJ regularly stocks over 1,400 bottles of FUMI E-juice at a time and he plans to add more display cases to meet the growing demand for Glass dripper bottles. (See photo below)

Fumi e-juice displaysTJ and RAJ's story is a perfect example of business owners capitalizing on an opportunity to meet a growing demand in their community. We at Fumi believe that the Tobacco N Vapez Xperience is common and is occurring all over America at this very moment. Gas Station owners becoming Vape/Smoke Shop owners is becoming common place. All one has to do is the market research to test out the demand for e-juice products in their region.

Contact Fumi E-juice and find out how you can deploy a risk free trial of our Fumigo Xpress display. If you wish, we could refer you to satisfied customers like TJ and RAJ all over America who are benefiting from their Fumi Xperience. Simply click on the link below and start the process TODAY...