Fumi X Spotlight - Business Owner of the month Jan. 2015

Ms.Willis team Fumi E-JuiceThe Business Owner of the Month article is our effort to recognize the most accomplished FUMI E-juice shops in America. Each month, we will name a new B.O.M. and share their story with our loyal Fumi supporters via our blog and social media outlets.

The first B.O.M. for January, 2015 is (Wilma) owner of Miss Willie's (A Kush place to be) in Le Grande, Oregon. Miss Willies has carried Fumi products for only 9 months, yet they have quickly risen to the top of our Fumi partner list. Wilma is so successful with her......

Wilma is so successful with her Fumi E-juice business that she opened up a store called "Ms. Willy's Fumi Xperience Shop" in Legrande, Oregon. Now she has two stores that focus on Fumi branded products.

Her Fumi product line includes Fumi X 15ml plastic bottles, Fumi X 15ml and 30ml glass bottles, Fumi X starter kits, and Fumi X t-shirts. Wilma says the key to her success is the fact she carries 50 of the top Fumi flavors at all times, provides a tasting Xperience to all customers, and keeps a close relationship with her FUMI account manager here in North Hollywood, CA.

When we informed Wilma about this award she said, " I'm so honored I feel like a center fold Miss Fumi 2015." Joseph Brown, Vice President of sales for Fumi Ejuice said, "We are honored to have such a dedicated partner in Wilma and her Ms. Willy's Team.  Her monthly Fumi sales are so high she rivals many of our distributors in America and Japan.

Wilma's monthly sales continue to grow due to all the Fumi flavors she maintains month after month. I look forward to her third Fumi Xperience store in Oregon. Our commitment and mission as a company is to bring similar success to all of our Fumi partners in America and Japan."

Experience Fumi e juice store

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