fumi e juice ISO laboratoryThe Fumi E-juice secret to long term excellence in the e-juice business comes down to three simple Initiatives: QUALITY-PERFORMANCE-VALUE


Fumi produces E-juice

    1. In an ISO 7 Clean Room, located in North Hollywood, California.
    2. Our PG and VG are Kosher/Food grade quality.
    3. Our Nicotine is U.S. High Grade
    4. Every bottle is Stamped with a Best Before End Date to inform the public of the freshness of our e-juice.
    5. Our new Fumi X Series 1 bottle distributed by 2/1/15 now employs a child proof cap and Bar Code.
    6. Every unit displays a Poison 800 # to provide guidance for those allergic to PG or in the case of miss use of Nicotine infused e-juice.
    7. Our Labels provide an extensive warning message that meets prop 65 standards in California. We intend to educate the public at large regarding the special care required when handling their e-juice. We do not compromise on our standards because our customers are top priority to us.

fumi e liquid iso laboratoryfumi e liquid warehouse


It is our aim to constantly revisit EVERY Fumi E-juice flavor/recipe to ensure that our brand EVOLVES with the growing vaping community. We find that at times the general audience demands a different experience from an e-juice flavor. By pushing our development team and doing constant market analysis on the general vaper's taste requirements, we stay on top of what the public is expecting from an All Day Vape brand. We spend a tremendous amount of resources in mastering any flavor the public demands of us. In general, we expect to release 2 new flavors of e-juice every single month or redesign 2 existing flavors every month moving forward.


98% of our 100+ Flavors are made at a 70VG-30PG ratio or higher to provide the maximum VG content possible. The higher VG content means greater cloud output per puff as well as a longer lasting flavor experience. In many cases e-juice with a higher PG content is harsh on the inhale and means a faster burning e-juice which doesn't give the consumer the best "BANG FOR THEIR BUCK". We believe that an e-juice should last as long as possible and deliver a high level of satisfaction with every single puff. Consequently, we employ a higher VG philosophy to our e-juice production.