Private Label YOUR Vape Business

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On 3-10-15 - Fumi E-juices celebrates our 1.7 millionth bottle of E-juice sold in the last 22 months of business.

At Fumizer LLC, we believe that our success can become your success. This is why we are now open to creating YOUR Private Label e-juice line that meets your needs.
With over 20,000 Smoke Shop/Head Shop/Vape Shops in America, it is becoming more difficult to differentiate one store from the next. This is where the POWER of YOUR BRAND comes into play.


Why pay more for branded e-juice lines? More than ever it is critical to minimize your inventory levels to grow your Vape business. Spend less on acquiring premium 30ML e-juices at 60% lower price than known brand names and maximize more REVENUE per unit by selling these same bottles for top dollar..
Why sell a brand that every shop in town carries? Some cities have 100 or more Vape Shops, Smoke Shops, and Head Shops battling for market share - all selling the SAME name brand e-juice. Create your own Private Label, build a following for your brand and DRIVE TRAFFIC to your door on a consistent basis..

Why play price wars with shops that choose to under cut your price for the same e-juice brand? Soon, every shop in your town will carry all of the top e-juice names. This will mean stiff price competition, eroding away profit margins and hurting your business long term. You will maintain the price of your BRAND because NO ONE ELSE SELLS YOUR BRAND...

Why try to make your own e-juice and take on unnecessary overhead while losing precious time? Constantly producing an e-juice line with consistent flavoring again and again is what we do best. Leave the work to us and focus on the marketing aspects of your business to sell your Private Label. If you invest too much time producing your own e-juice than you're not maximizing your over all sales in the long term. Start working "ON" your business instead of "IN" your business by partnering with an E-juice manufacturer that can give you the freedom to expand your brand awareness throughout your community.

Why try to maintain and keep up with new standards that will come about due to FDA regulation in the years to come? If you're not producing your e-juice in an ISO-7 clean room, you are not planning for the future. We are heavily invested in this business and we intend to meet all FDA requirements. If you are producing your own e-juice and do not have plans to meet these regulations, start working with us to create a transition plan to make you compliant long term.


Why not make MORE MONEY with my own Private Label that is a third of the cost to acquire? Larger profit margins mean EVERYTHING TO YOUR BUSINESS...

Why not promote my OWN unique Private Label e-juice brand instead of someone else's brand? The power of your brand will keep you in business long term.

Why not become a destination shop with e-juice brands that I own? Let the other stores in your town battle it out with the same brands that have saturated the market.

Why not protect the price of my e-juice by making it ONE OF A KIND?

Why not work with an e-juice company that intends to meet or exceed all FDA pending regulations?



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