Fumitech III

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Fumitech III

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FumiTech III Is a technical advanced electronic cigarette by joining the multi-function in ONE: Variable voltage E-Cigarette, Emergency Power Bank.


  • Variable Voltage Battery adjust voltage range
  • 3.0V - 6.0V
  • Accurate 0.1V per step
  • Emergency Power Bank
  • Charging the smart phone with full battery 2600mAh battery
  • Multi-Universal Micro USB Charger/iPhone Lightning Compatible
  • Matching almost all the Smart Phones in the market.
  • 30pins for iPhone 4S and former version, lightning for iPhone 5.

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  1. 1pc - FumiTech III Battery Tube
  2. 1pc - 18650 2600mAh Battery
  3. 1pc - User Manual
  4. 1pc - Multi USB Charger

*Please Note the Multi USB Charger do not have data transmission function and ONLY charge one device in one time.


Size W1" x H5"
Capacity 2600mAh
Thread All 510/eGo thread atomizers
Color Black, Silver, Stainless
LED Blinking Button Green Indicator, High Luminance
Battery Voltage 3.7V - 4.2V
Output Voltage 3.0V - 6.0V (Accurate 0.1V per Step
Max. Smoking Time Per Puff 10 Seconds (Press the button for 10 seconds the output turns off and the LED indicator blinks)
Battery Low Voltage LED Blinks 10 times (1 second each time)
LCD Display Displays battery capacity and voltage


  • Do not let the product come into contact with moisture.
  • Do not charge the battery over a fire source or in an extremely hot environment. Do not use or store the product near a heat source, e.g, a fire or heater. Move the product away from a fire source if it feels hot or smells.
  • Use an approved charger.
  • Do not connect the product directly to a wall or vehicle-mounted receptacle.
  • Do not heat the product or place it in to a fire.
  • Do not short-circuit the connectors negative and positive poles using a wire or metal. Do not transport or store the product with any metal items.
  • Do not pierce the housing with any sharp abject such as nail. Do not hit or step on the housing.
  • Do not throw/ cause impact/ cause mechanical shock to the product.
  • Do not directly weld the connector.
  • Do not take apart the product.
  • Do not place the product in a microwave oven or pressure cooker.

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